BEI Celebrates Dan Stellato’s 32 Years with St. Charles City Council

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BEI Celebrates Dan Stellato’s 32 Years with St. Charles City Council

After 32 years of serving the City of St. Charles, BEI Commercial Real Estate commends Dan Stellato for his many years of public service.

“Dan’s tireless devotion to making St. Charles the pride of the Fox was easy to see by anyone who knows him.  His commitment to seeing his City, be the best it could be, was felt in every part of St. Charles and by every citizen who has been a resident over the past 32 years.   Dan’s leadership and commitment to the community shined through many different Mayors and aldermanic changes, through national strategies, a great recession, and a global pandemic.  Through all the good times and the more challenging times, for the last 32 years, Dan has been a determined advocate for St. Charles.” Austin Dempsey, CEO BEI Commercial Real Estate.

On Monday June 21, 2021, Alderman Dan Stellato announced his resignation as Alderman of Ward 1 for the City of St. Charles following the City Council meeting. Mr. Stellato began his involvement with the City of St. Charles in 1989 with his appointment on the City of St. Charles Plan Commission. Holding this seat for six years, he then ran for 1st Ward Alderman in 1995.

In addition to First Ward Alderman,  Mr. Stellato held many other positions with the City along the way including; Chairman of the Planning and Development, Government Services, and Government Operations Committees, and he was a member of the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals. The annual “State of the City” update organized through the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce has been a valuable development update that always provided significant insight and humor.


Working with numerous Mayors, Fellow Alderman, City Staff and Local Legislators Mr. Stellato’s contributions have added much value to some of the thriving areas of the city and downtown.


Alderman Dan Stellato left his last city council meeting with wise advice for his fellow Alderman and Mayor Vitek

“I would like to suggest to you that when you argue, and you will, you do so with respect,” said Stellato. “As you vote on any particular issue, and many of you have heard me say this, use three tools — your head, your heart and your gut.”


Where St. Charles stands today is a direct reflection of the hard work and dedication many public officials have contributed to, and Mr. Stellato has been instrumental in that for over 30 years. Making St. Charles a wonderful place to Live, Work and Play is something Mr. Stellato has facilitated with his time serving the residents and businesses.


Thank you for your work and contributions.





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