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Batavia, Illinois, December 18, 2017

BEI Properties is proud to announce the acquisition of Miscella Real Estate Inc.

Austin Dempsey, CEO at BEI Properties and Patti Rambo, Owner and Managing Broker at Miscella Real Estate proudly announce that the two long-time, successful companies will be merging and combining business operations in the coming year.


BEI Properties Inc., for over 58 years has been an innovative Commercial Real Estate and Leasing firm, with many dynamic properties throughout the Greater Fox Valley area, while Miscella Real Estate’s expertise lies in Residential Real Estate. The merger was a result of two long-time successful companies that define themselves with outstanding customer service coming together.


For over five decades, BEI Properties has delivered some of the most creative and successful Commercial and Residential Real Estate solutions addressing the needs of businesses in the Fox Valley Area. BEI Properties is a third-generation business that is located in downtown Batavia and is known and admired for preserving, restoring, leasing and managing the best real estate that the Fox Valley has to offer.

“Over the last year we have been discussing the benefit of a residential real estate partner who shares the same level of exemplary service, customer care and community spirit that BEI Properties is known for – Miscella Real Estate was the perfect fit,” said BEI Properties, CEO Austin Dempsey. “We are delighted to be moving forward with a residential partner that exemplifies these qualities.  This merger will allow two multi-generational businesses the opportunity to grow and succeed together by providing amazing service to all the Real Estate needs of the greater Fox Valley area.”





With over 40 years of experience, Miscella Real Estate brings an individual, personalized focus to real estate in the Fox Valley Area. Operating as a boutique firm centered on client care that goes beyond the “big box” approach, over 91% of their business is earned through referrals and introductions from past clients. At Miscella, they appreciate that people do business with people they trust and respect. Individually, and as a team, Miscella will continue to assist clients with every step as they embrace their new home.

Patti Rambo, Miscella Real Estate Owner and Managing Broker stated, “Initially, it was a casual conversation about our individual desires to provide our clients with the best possible experience during their real estate transaction. Being relational, the importance of the community, and the desire to serve our clients, were key to both of us. While I am not sure exactly when the light bulb went off, we realized that together we could raise the bar in this industry. I could not be more excited to blend our resources, our history and our reputations to deliver the best possible experience for both the commercial and residential real estate needs of the Fox Valley.”





From the beginning, BEI Properties has been providing superior quality customer service, while being passionate about continuously improving the community. With similar missions and values this merger will be a fantastic partnership and will be bringing years of experience, customer service and community together under one company.

For more information on BEI Properties please visit their office downtown Batavia at 140 First

Street, Batavia, IL 60510 or call them at 630-879-3680.

Phone: 630-879-3680





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