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Loopnet and CoStar Commercial Real Estate Searches

These days, approx. 88% of tenants, buyers and investors are searching for commercial real estate online. The biggest influence for finding properties is Loopnet, with over 10 million visitors per month. So you may ask yourself, why would someone need a commercial real estate broker?


When you are not a paying member to Loopnet, you miss, on average, approx.  40-50% of listed properties. Why is that? It’s free for people to search, but requires us brokers to pay some hefty monthly fees…especially to have our properties highlighted so that it captures the public’s attention. When brokers don’t pay those extra fees…you miss out.

More exposure brings more opportunity…which is why I pay extra …my sellers and landlords benefit from this.


As an experienced commercial real estate broker for 11 years, I have all the contacts you need in the buying/selling/leasing process, including attorneys, lenders, architects and contractors. First time business owners may not know where to start, and experienced clients may have had bad experiences with previous contacts or might just need a new referral.


There is another site, CoStar, which is exclusive to real estate brokers like me who pay for it. If a broker does not pay extra for a listing to be on Loopnet, it might still be on Costar, and as a broker with access, I can find those listings for you. Also, if I am listing your property, or you need a broker opinion of value to get started, I have access to comparables to assist in obtaining values.

CoStar is a valuable tool for brokers, and Loopnet is valuable to brokers and the public, in searching for/listing commercial properties, but as your broker, I can make sure your process of leasing/buying/selling goes smoothly.

Looking for a space and do not know where to start?

There are many benefits of working with a broker to help through this process


For more information:

Contact Inger Britt, Commercial Broker


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BEI Commercial Real Estate is a locally owned property management, development and commercial real estate firm dedicated to investing in the communities. For 60 years Batavia Enterprises has been an active supporter and participant in local community events and is proud to have helped many local non-for-profit organizations. With properties in Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, West Chicago, Elburn, Elgin, Sugar Grove and Rockford, the company can provide quality space to help growth and expansion for all types of businesses.

Learn more at www.beicre.com

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