What does “NNN” stand for in a Commercial Real Estate Lease?

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What does “NNN” stand for in a Commercial Real Estate Lease?

ANSWER: Triple Net Lease


If you’ve searched for a commercial real estate space to lease, you’ve probably come across these three letters N-N-N.


First, it’s not an acronym. The three N’s stand for a “triple net lease”. This means that the tenant renting space will pay for all expenses for the property to include:


  1. Real Estate Taxes

  2. Building Insurance

  3. Common Area Maintenance in addition to their base rent and utilities.


Although there are common practices throughout the world of commercial real estate, no one landlord does things the same way. Enter the alternative rent structures of a Gross Lease and Modified Gross Lease. We won’t get into those right now, but as a prospective tenant looking for space, its important to know what “NNN” means so that when you’re speaking with a property’s leasing agent you know to clarify with them how NNN expenses are handled.


This brings up another point, how do CRE professionals refer to NNN expenses? Instead of thinking of NNN’s as a moniker for a type of lease, it’s referencing those specific property expenses I referenced previously. A CRE professional may also refer to NNN expenses as “Pass-through Expenses” because their passing through the landlord to the tenant.

When it comes to learning about rent for any commercial property, always ask for clarification on how NNN expenses are handled.


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