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Time Capsule Community Call

Batavia Enterprises “Treasures in Time” from 25 Years Ago

30 N Lincoln, Batavia, IL



A time capsule is a special container that is buried, saved and preserved for discovery in the future. Time capsules typically consist of present-day items such as photos, newspapers, letters, pictures and other significant items to help remember the period of time in which you are preserving. Batavia Enterprises took part in this tradition when completing renovations and updates to properties in the area. BEI has been looking forward to opening them and discovering what treasures were buried.


On Thursday, December 2nd, 2021, Austin Dempsey, CEO of Batavia Enterprises, unveiled a time capsule placed 25 years prior. The contents included information on the construction project, newspaper articles and the agenda of the day, business cards of those who attended, photos and throwback Batavia Enterprises promotional items.



The BEI time capsule will be returned to the building’s cornerstone on March 1st, 2022. Batavia Enterprises is asking the community to consider writing a letter or finding a small object to place in the time capsule for the future generation to find.  We will repackage the 1996 items, add new current items and treasures from 2021/2022 and celebrate the building serving the community for 100 years.


We can all agree many things have changed since 1995, technology, high speed internet, wifi, how people rent, buy and watch entertainment by streaming television shows, movies, music. Taking photos on phones vs having a camera and getting the film developed. Communication has changed so much, no longer is calling on the phone or writing letters the main form of communication, we email, text and send gifs now. Cars are electric and some self-driving, taxis are minimal and Ubers get you from place to place. Social media has taken over our free time and Climate change is happening.


We have endured much change in the past 25 years and having opened the time capsule is a unique opportunity, so we invite the community to place into the time capsule this year. This would be a great time to reflect, write a letter to yourself or the community future generations. If there is anything you feel you would like to add in remembrance and to have opened back up in 25 years please reach out to Batavia Enterprises. We ask for items to be provided by Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 and delivered to the BEI CRE Office in downtown Batavia.

For more information on Batavia Enterprises or more information to get involved with the time capsule please contact BEI CRE at 630-879-3680.

Learn more at www.beicre.com to watch the video revealing the time capsule follow the link https://beicre.com/time-capsule/

For more information:

Contact Amanda Stephens, Marketing Coordinator

[email protected]


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