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Why Rent, Buy or Sell Commercial Property with BEI?


BEI Commercial Real Estate has been around for over 60 years. Although our name has “Commercial Real Estate” in it, I don’t necessarily think of ourselves as being in real estate so much as small business development.

Having started with BEI back in January of 2020, I got to see the relationship of landlord and tenant play out in a critical time for both parties. Laying witness to the importance of this relationship, I made it a point to get out and meet as many tenants as I could. Although there are several great tenant stories to tell, one story stands out from the rest.


It has to do with a tenant’s story about her first discussion with BEI founder Larry Dempsey. He came to talk with the tenant about a lease for the new business she and her husband were starting back in the early 60’s. When Larry brought up a 5-year lease term, she recoiled immediately feeling fear and apprehension in signing such a long lease when she wasn’t even sure their new business would work. Larry just listened to her share her worries and when she was done said, “Alright, we can start with a 6-month lease to get your feet under you, and once you’ve made it 6-months, we can do the 5-year lease.” 40 plus years and they’re still with BEI.


It’s stories like this that remind me of the important role a commercial real estate company can play in the development of someone’s business. We as leasing agents, brokers, and property managers have a responsibility to the tenant in supporting them and delivering on a core BEI value of respect for our customers.

There are many reasons, but I think this is the most important reason “Why” you should consider BEI when looking for guidance in starting or expanding your business’ physical footprint. We start with the person, assess the business’ needs, and deliver with a great space. The relationship never ends… it evolves.


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BEI Commercial Real Estate is a locally owned property management, development and commercial real estate firm dedicated to investing in the communities. For 60 years Batavia Enterprises has been an active supporter and participant in local community events and is proud to have helped many local non-for-profit organizations. With properties in Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, West Chicago, Elburn, Elgin, Sugar Grove and Rockford, the company can provide quality space to help growth and expansion for all types of businesses.

Learn more at www.beicre.com

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